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EverythingBasedOnMe wrote The Witness Relocation Program (When Damon Salvatore, 25, and his wife witness a murder they are sent into the WRP. Entering a traditional small town called Mystic Falls Damon soon realises there is more to life than what he knew of. Who's there to help him? 16 year old Elena Gilbert.; NC-17; Mollie writes a lot of stories, but this one feels like a movie that you can't stop watching!)

citigirl13 wrote Serendipity (Elena is kidnapped by Damon. The lines of love and hate blur between the two of them. AU. WARNING: scenes of rape and violence.; NC-17; This is dark, but it's amazing. Don't miss it. Author is excellent.)

Sandy1983 wrote Still waters run deep (AU. Damon is a college stud that likes to screw anything in a skirt. Elena is a stuffy college librarian. What happens when these two meet?; NC-17)

amygerrard wrote Caught In The Act & Pleasure At Hand (Smutty. Hot. Things we wished happened if this wasn't a teen show!; NC-17)

sauriemilia wrote Walking in (Damon walks in on something he could have only dreamed of, leading to him releasing his frustration.; NC-17; It's short, but satisfying.)

Work In Progress

Leanne90 wrote The Vow (1865 AU: Two feuding families to unite under one arranged marriage but what happens when the Gilbert daughter meets the "other" Salvatore son? Will Elena keep her vow? Or will Damon lure her into his arms?; NC-17; I love period stories and I love where this one is going!)

CosmicButton wrote Wrong Salvatore (What if Elena got into a car accident and woke up with no memory of the last four years? As she learns to cope with her amnesia she has to also cope with her new life.NC-17; I've pimped this story out to all of my friends. I'm in love with it. BTW, Damon & Stefan are vampires in this story.)

jazzywriter22 wrote  Bourbon In Your Eyes (Students and professors aren't allowed to date at the University of Atlanta. Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore know, accept, and respect this policy. Will they still feel the same way about it – and each other – at the end of the semester?; NC-17; All of the chapters are short, because that's the writing style of this one.)

dulcety wrote Double Trouble (Damon could finally be happy with Elena, if only Katherine agreed to put her claws off of him, Stefan should know that Katherine and Elena are two completely different girls.; NC-17; I don't usually read that many D/K scenes, but I'm completely in love with this one.)

taekwongirl360 wrote Haven in Your Arms (AU/AH. After a suicide attempt, Elena Gilbert is put into a mental rehab center. There she meets Damon Salvatore, another patient. The two of them bond and fall for one another. But will both their issues.; NC-17)

morvamp wrote  How Never Became Forever (Elena's established rules and guidelines for her relationships. She knows how to stay emotionally detached and when to cut the cord. But then she meets Damon, who could potentially change everything. AU. AH.; NC-17)



Someryn wrote  Tomorrow and Tomorrow (In a slightly AU early Season 3, Elena struggles to put the pieces of her life back together with Stefan gone and her friends moving on. Along the way, she realizes that she, Damon and Ric fit best together.; NC-17)
18 May 2012 @ 01:08 pm


PROLOGUE By BadBoysAreBest 
CHAPTER ONE: Anxiety By 0123hope
CHAPTER TWO: Tension By petrova39
CHAPTER THREE: Glowing By aj81writing
CHAPTER FOUR: Lights By elizabeth85cec
CHAPTER FIVE: History By panicaddict101
CHAPTER SIX: Drunk By bibi_ca
CHAPTER SEVEN: Dive By mayghaend
CHAPTER EIGHT: Money By missdelenatvd
CHAPTER NINE: Hole By distant_lines
CHAPTER TEN: Splash By loveepiclove
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Relax By cecevolume
CHAPTER TWELVE: Mood By dunedesert
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Overboard By katy5219
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Burn By hopelessalways
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Bubbles By silverfoxpunk
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Soulmates By drkprncss17

Click here to Download

(If you'd prefer to read the entries on LiveJournal, all of them are posted at tvdmixing. Please remember to leave feedback on your favorite chapters.)
13 February 2012 @ 12:49 pm

Seventeen authors are working on a round robin fanfiction story.

It's a Damon/Elena, AU/AH story in a college setting with plenty of laughs. Damon & Elena are spending their Spring Break in the Bahamas!

Once all of the chapters are written, the story will be compiled into an eBook. If you're interested in creating fanart for the eBook, sign ups are now open.

The prologue to story is up and chapter posting begins on 2/14.

Work In Progress

EverythingBasedOnMe wrote In Love With A Criminal (Elena, 17, forced to a strict girls private school. Her mother controls everything she does and who she sees. Damon, 23, bad boy. What happens when she falls for his motorbike, car racing, and fighting criminal self?; NC-17; My favorite story this week.)

Shpence wrote The Arrangement (It was a marriage that was arranged purely to save an alliance between two of the most powerful mob families, no one ever expected worlds to collide and love to ensue.; NC-17)

Sandy1983 wrote Now and then (Damon wasn't all that popular in high school. On top of that, he felt humiliated by the gorgeous Elena Gilbert. Twenty years later, he is a successful and changed man. What will happen when they meet again?; NC-17)

fallenfairy4 wrote Love Letters tied up with Secrets (And this is the story of how Damon Salvatore consumed Elena Gilbert. He didn't use his good looks, or even his sinful body…all he used was a pen and a piece of paper.; NC-17; Smoking hot story. Author is very talented with words!)

mrs.salvatore39 wrote There Has to be Another Way (scene-to-shot fic for the kitchen scene of 3x10. just my version of what could have happened; NC-17)

Work In Progress

Lovely Vero wrote A gentleman and his mistress ("But sometimesI'm bored like you are, Katerina… I only want variety in my bed…that is the down side of beingeternal, would you say?…and what better way than having you has my mistress…to annoy my brother and to put a little bit of challenge in my love life…"; NC-17; :Love the humor in this story so much!)
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27 January 2012 @ 02:09 pm

tvdmixing - Bring on the cracky threesomes!


Work In Progress
Aiedail.Icestar wrote Skinny Love ( N…nothing. I just… you can't barge in on me!" She bit out, trying to deny how heated her body had become. Shit. Shit. Shit. His vampire senses could definitely hear her heart stuttering, and she desperately willed herself to calm down. When was the last time you had sex? Oh, rightOver six, maybe seven months ago.; NC-17; my favorite story right now.)

sleepimpared wrote Family Affair ("You felt the connection between us. It was as if a million sparks ran through our skin. You like being in my arms. Come on, deny it!" - AU/AH, Step sibling fun; NC-17)

silverfoxpunk wrote The Delena Series (A series of one-shots for Delena fans, some serious, some fun, but all romantic...; NC-17; Chapter 3 is my personal favorite and it's rated Teen

x15Trouble wrote Show me ingratiation (AU: It becomes a self-destructive addiction— Elena. It's an ongoing, unhealthy practice of sex. It's of Damon feeling a little less lonely and Elena gaining a generous regular.; NC-17; I rarely plug stories with only chapter, but the writing is amazing on this one. PS Damon is a vampire.)

HeartBreakMystique wrote Bubble Trouble ("I love you and it's not in a friendly way, although I think we're great friends." He shook his head, chuckling humourlessly. "And not in a misplaced affection, doppleganger-related way, though I'm sure that's what you'd call it. And it's not because you're my brother's girl and you're unattainable. I love you. Very simply, very truly. You are the epitome of every thing I never knew I always wanted."; NC-17; not very smutty)

magicangel33 wrote A Deal With The Devil (AU: Damon wants Elena and this time he's not waiting around. ""What would you like me to say Elena? I've already told you, I'm completely and utterly in love with you," Damon says with a mocking tone. Though for some reason, I knew that he meant it." ; NC-17; not very smutty)

2nd Time Around wrote Sexting Surprise (Elena shrieked as she came. "Ohhh Damon." She couldn't believe that she yelled out his name, when she was with Stefan, good thing it was during sexting and not during real sex.; NC-17)


Works In Progress

bibi_ca wrote We Pay The Price (Elena Gilbert's a 'working girl' and Damon hates her job even if he wants her more than any other girl he'd ever wanted. They both promise themselves to stay emotionaly uninvolved, but would it work? ; NC-17)

EverythingBasedOnMe wrote The Witness Relocation Program (When Damon Salvatore,25, and his wife witness a murder they are sent into the WRP. Entering a traditional small town called Mystic Falls Damon soon realises there is more to life than what he knew of. Who's there to help him? 16 year old Elena Gilbert. ; NC-17)


petrova39 wrote Trouble For Me (Caroline and Bonnie convince Elena to go out dancing with them, unknowingly to a club that Damon frequents. ; NC-17)

aj81writing wrote Growing Pains (AU/AH. When Giuseppe Salvatore is named legal guardian of orphaned 13-year-old Elena Gilbert, his 17-year-old son Damon doesn't know it, but his life is about to change forever. ; PG-13)
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11 December 2011 @ 06:22 am

Add this post to your favorites/memories because I'll be keeping a list (and checking it twice) of all my favorite Damon & Elena holiday stories that are not a part of the holiday exchange at tvdmixing.

All Rated M for Mature
  1. The Midnight Kiss by [info]mayghaend (As the count down begins, Elena finds herself leaning in...)
  2. The Beauty & The Tragedy by ciara2531
  3. Naughty Or Nice? by twistedcandy
  4. Cure My Tragedy by [info]mayghaend
  5. Will you be mine forever? Christmas Special by Summer Fairy
  6. Are You Lonesome Tonight? by VampiresKiss09
  7. All Wrapped Up in a Pretty Little Bow by jazzywriter22
  8. The Perfect Gift by Danni1989
  9. Laughing All the Way by ThreeJays
  10. I'm coming home for Christmas by 0123Hope

#7 & #8 are my "best of the best" picks.
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Do it! :) Click the banner.


Works In Progress

123nenagirl wrote I'm in love with a Geek (AU/AH: How do you deal when you fall in love with the most unpopular girl in school? Well, Damon Salvatore is about to find out.; I love this story. It keeps getting better.; PG-13.)

Lizzy85ce wrote Surprise, Surprise  (What? It's Damon's birthday? Yup... Unlucky in love and life his curse seems to have always been, but what happens when Elena makes it her business to make his day special and things change.; Really great story about Damon getting the girl, awww.; NC-17)

loveisafierything wrote Fresh to Death (AU/AH: What if Damon and Elena were the younger siblings? Stefan the all star quarter back? Elena and Damon are freshmen while Stefan is a junior seemingly obsessed with her.. Damon and Elena like each other from the start.; This story makes me smile.; PG-13)